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Tax Preparation in Chicago, IL

Looking for help with your Chicago, IL, tax preparation? Doing taxes by yourself can wind up putting you at risk for an audit. Let Compass Associates LLC assist you to be sure that your returns are accurate. This will likely protect you from liability.

We serve the entire Chicago area, but our service is personalized and attentive. We are truly dedicated to client satisfaction. Our goal is to work with you to maximize your returns.

Sometimes, April 15th can sneak up on you. You may have simply put off filing your taxes because it is difficult and confusing to do on your own. With 24 years of experience in this industry, we can help you with your personal finances and those having to do with your business. We also offer prompt service when you find that tax deadline approaching quickly. Trust us to manage any accounting tasks for you at any time of the year.

Think twice before trying to do your own Chicago, IL, tax preparation paperwork. A professional from Compass Associates LLC is happy to work with you to ensure your financial records have been accurately reported to the government. Call us today to schedule your free consultation.